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 The 5 Steps to get them to Believe

What we fail to do, more than anything, is to ask questions… We talk more than we listen and we are not willing to dig and dig to know what and who we’re trying to identify and lead to the close… One thing I’ve learned more than anything during my sales process with The Janitorial Agency and other businesses is balance in the process of leading someone to the close…

During my sales (interview) process I’ve learned to cast the vision in 20 mins. I ask the prospect (interviewee) questions for 20 mins and allow the interviewee to ask me questions for 20 minutes. Now it’s not a canned 20 min/20 min/20 min; it’s a process that needs to be applied, and if you lead through a step process like this, it will work more times then it doesn’t. The initial key of having an exchange is knowing how to start and build the trust in the relationship. Vision brings this contagious hunger for more information; you’re providing them with yourself, your product and themselves (those 3 elements are important). Getting to know the person you want to exchange with and leading them at the same time is key.

How do you accomplish this? Ask questions! The more information you receive, the more you know if that person has caught and believes in your vision, product, and themselves to be part of the vision. Why do you cast a vision to your customer during the beginning stages? Think about the first thing you do when you try to meet someone new: you try to “woo” them. You want them to like you, so you tell them all your great stories. Some people have an ice breaker; you can use “wow the weather is great today” but really that is just “blah blah” (kinda like the teacher on Charlie Brown). There isn’t any type of engaging, or wooing, or sense of purpose.  The more fake it feels the less trust you build. Tell them stories of why the product is a solution based product, show them that you’re the expert, cast them the vision, and tell them why the product even exists (the history of the leaders/creators of the product).

These 5 steps are key to getting your customer to believe (by the way this is the only way to have a sale): you MUST get your prospect to BELIEVE in you, the product and themselves (again these 3 elements are key). These 5 steps are essential to accomplishing this task. Each step is part of the closing process, so here is the way I engage prospects…by the way I’m pretty darn good too…

Step 1 As you start your steps you usually already know the basic info on your prospect: name, company name, area they are from, etc… So, introduce yourself and your role and a little about your purpose just a teaser (like an appetizer). Set the tone of respect so they actually pay attention to you.

Ask a FEW questions to clarify your prospects’ intentions.  Don’t ask too many questions, just enough to start a conversation. Remember, it’s like meeting someone new at a party. (“Are you from here? What do you do for a living?” you get the point)

Here is one of the first questions you can ask after the introduction about yourself and your role at the company. Remember, these are all open ended questions:

  • Tell me a little about yourself (your business experience or any previous professional job experiences that you have had). Always assume they have had success, it shows them what you are looking for or expecting. This should help you get a feel for some possible weaknesses and/or strengths they may have.

Step 2 Now it’s time to get the prospects’ attention as to who you are and your purpose! Sell yourself (now the main course) and casting vision (casting vision is all about sharing purpose, passions, impacting and showing why we want to help without even talking about the money aspect of it).

Step 3 Now this goes back to asking a few more questions after you have them captured with the vision; helping them see themselves as part of it. I like to call this “temperature taking” questions. Sometimes you can catch this in the first few questions you asked, but if not then you go right to these:

  • How much growth do you want for your business? – There is nothing wrong in helping them dream, and this helps them form their own vision for their business
  • What would you say your purpose is? – This should tie right in with the first question
  • What are your future goals for your business? – This should help you understand what they want to accomplish for now and lead you in the direction of what type of program/product to sell them

Step 4 You have them where you want them. You understand their mission, goals and see what program they qualify for! You have shared the vision of the company, now it’s time to present the model that they NEED and focus on the areas of desire (their hot button)

This step should lead you to the turn or to step 5

 Step 5 Ready for the final close. You’ve infused them and they’re excited; they see the value and vision of your product and you gave the purpose (vision), passion (sold yourself) and presentation (value of the product)….now it’s time to close. The final Close is fun and you better be prepared to open up your arsenal of objection busters and stalls… I’d refer to Steve Conner the President of The Janitorial Agency and some of his closing techniques, when it comes to learning to beat these objections and stalls….

By Dan Carey CEO of The Janitorial Agency

Dan Carey is a outspoken leader and innovator  His teachings are built around sound principals and based on FACTS and experiences. He’s the CEO of The Janitorial Agency which has launched The Janitorial Agency Franchise Systems product for Master Franchisors in over 120 exclusive territories in North America. Dan is also the Sr. Partner of the Carey & Conner Consulting Firm, LLC.

Dan Carey-The Janitorial Agency CEO

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The Janitorial Agency Helps Small Business Owners- Invest not just Spend!

Have you ever thought of your small business as a bank? Like so many other things in life – relationships, health, dieting, cars – you get out of your business venture what you put into it. If you make plenty of deposits, build up a safety net, and regularly monitor your progress, your small business will be there to pull through when you need it to. These deposits can come in the form of networks, building reliable contacts, doing favors for some of your competition, perhaps logging some extra hours every now and then. Be disciplined and diligent, and your small business will survive the hard times, and positively flourish in the good!

You can take that to the bank.

The janitorial agency helps small business owners with a model that is more geared by helping the little guy have the opportunity to grow and build their business. The Janitorial Agency helps small business owners and empowers these small business owners with their own business model their own logo and website basically their own brand. They still need to be wise and grow their OWN business and not depend on others to run it for them… So if you want this type of business then The Janitorial Agency will help you start! The Janitorial Agency brings professionalism into the janitorial industry!

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side of Entrepreneurship

Of the many reasons people decide to start their own business, whether janitorial or otherwise, the Number 1 reason we hear the most is “I want to be my own boss.” That’s a great reason to start your own company! You make the decisions, you are in charge, you’ll know your work is appreciated; it’s a great situation. However, most people don’t fully realize the responsibility and risk that comes with entrepreneurship, and this is where some run into trouble.

If you want to start your own business because you’re not a huge fan of hard work, and you think being your own boss will allow you to take an extra day off every so often, don’t expect success to head your way. If you think being the boss means you don’t have to do any of the dirty work, you probably won’t get too far. The point here is that owning your own business is an amazing thing, but the reward comes with quite a bit of hard work.

By starting your own company, you’re starting from the ground up. That might mean you have to take a step backwards from what you’re doing now before you can start delegating to your employees later. Reward is not free, entrepreneurship is not easy. Reward insinuates a price, something you had to do to earn it. Small business ownership is no different.

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The Janitorial Agency – Entrepreneurship A Higher Calling

Take a second to ask yourself an honest question: Am I happy with where I am in my career? Be prepared for a disappointing answer. The Janitorial Agency found a survey that was ran earlier this year, results showed that only 16% of American workers were satisfied with their jobs. The Janitorial Agency know is an economy where unemployment is all too common across the nation, and financial stability is a major concern, people are finding it difficult to advance and stay challenged in today’s corporate world. But we don’t need to keep talking about this because, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re either:

A. Unemployed

B. Employed, but not in a career

C. Not satisfied with your current line of work.

Now, before you get too depressed, let us tell you the good news. While everything else may be on a decline, entrepreneurship is on the rise. Starting your own business sounds like an incredibly daunting task. Honestly, it would just be easier to keep applying for new jobs, right?


Getting a new business started can be very difficult, but the rewards are beyond great. And we believe that entrepreneurs are building tomorrow’s world! That’s why we’re dedicated to helping fledgling small business owners get off the ground as quickly as possible. If you’re unhappy with your current job, consider joining up with  the janitorial agency. We’ll get you started with your very own business, in an industry that can survive through any depression. You’ll have financial security, a steady income, and satisfaction in your work. Running your own business is a simple fix. Not so fast… Running your own business takes a lot risk and hard work so don’t get scare and it doesn’t sound too good to be true. You just to have some confidence you can make it happen? Check the janitorial agency out, and see for yourself.

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How To Have A Small Business And A Life…









As entrepreneurs and small business owners, making sure there is enough time for yourself can be very difficult. It may even feel like getting any time away from business is literally impossible! You’re on a treadmill trying to get “caught up.” But here’s the kicker, you will never be “all caught up” on business. Just admit it, you know it’s true. We all know personal time is important, we’ve all seen and read articles about overworking, getting burned out, and neglecting family. So how do you prevent that from happening?

In an article on entrepreneur. com they recently took a look at this very conundrum. The secret is actually a lot closer to you than you think. Take a second to think about how you always know what needs to be done with your business. You have lists, you have schedules, you have people reminding you of other tasks that need attention. Now, what if you took that same approach to your personal life? You made lists of things you want to do this month, or this year, you scheduled dates and events to make sure these things are accomplished, and you use friends and family to keep you accountable with spending time with them. If you can stick to this schedule as closely as you do your work schedule (and, if you think about it, that should be pretty easy considering you’ll enjoy this schedule more than work) pretty soon you’ll have achieved what you thought impossible: a working, functioning business AND a satisfying personal life, at the same time.

“But I really don’t have time for these things,” you might say. What that statement really means is you aren’t making personal time a priority. We all have the same 24 hour day, if you’re dedicated and passionate about having personal time to relax and refresh, you’ll have time to do it.

“You don’t understand,” you’re still saying, “I really can’t be away from my business for that long.” Wasn’t the whole point of starting your own business, and becoming an entrepreneur, to have more freedom as opposed to working for someone else? Without exercising the freedom of being able to step away from your business every once in a while, you’ve given up the benefits of being an entrepreneur and have basically become your own employee. Your business will still be there when you come back in to work, your life is constantly getting away from you.

The Janitorial Agency believes in balance with family, business and fun. But really that’s not the only problem. The Janitorial Agency has heard all these people say to themselves I’ll just keep working hard at my job the next 40 years and still wish I took that next leap of faith and quit my job and start my own business. The Janitorial Agency hears this more and more. STOP and don’t worry about what your family and friends say. Just take the leap and have no regrets. The Janitorial Agency has seen those that have and they’re more excited than ever and some have fell flat on their face when they think someone will run their business for them. Just do it and take that next step… I feel like this is a nike commercial!

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Make Your Projects Disappear




You get frustrated and overwhelmed when you see projects piling up, just like everyone else. Typically, this ends up leading us to become less productive and less motivated. We find ourselves sick with a case of “I-can’t-get-all-this-done-so-why-bother” syndrome. How do you beat this? We’re going to give you one simple tip to make all those projects disappear and help you find that motivation once again.

Do It Today.

And that’s pretty much it. You have some projects you’re not looking forward to doing? Get them done, and you won’t have to worry about them. Waiting to get approval or input from a higher-up? Track them down and don’t stop until you do. Waiting on a customer or client to complete a task? Call or email them. Whatever it is, get it done today. Just imagine, by tomorrow those projects you were dreading will be gone!

Those that wait and do nothing are worse than those that failed trying… Are you on the fence about stepping out of your comfort zone of starting your own business? They Janitorial Agency has seen many of these individuals decide that the risk was worth the reward. Sad as it is they go on with their lives with regret. The Janitorial Agency teaches entrepreneurs that if you are willing to put in the effort, drive and persistance then you need to take the leap and the next step to start your business.

At The Janitorial Agency, we love helping entrepreneurs get started with their small business dreams, especially in the recession-proof cleaning industry. If you would like to learn more about what we do, check out our site!

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Janitorial Agency – How To Kick-Off Your Day With Success

This post is based off an article from fastcompany. com addressing what successful people do with the first hour of the day. I think most people would agree that the use of the first hour of your day says a lot about the type of person or worker you are. If you’ve been looking for some extra motivation in the morning, or if you just want to see how you  measure up, check this out. The link to the original article is at the end of the post.

Don’t Check Email First Thing In The Morning

The Janitorial Agency’s CEO Dan Carey says use that beginning-of-the-day energy to get some real tasks done. Don’t waste your time looking at emails only or have distractions, which allows you to get overwhelmed early in the day. As the original article says, “it’s a fine strategy for leaving the office with the feeling that, even on the most over-booked days, you got at least one real thing done.” The Janitorial Agency allows some of their VP’s do this. If it’s permissible at your job, it’s also a great way to start weaning off of the extra work done from home. As your coworkers start to realize you’re not going to respond to emails when off duty, the more family and personal time you’ll have.

Get Your Mind In Shape

As you’re getting ready for the day, take some time to focus and mentally prepare for whatever tasks you know you need to complete that day. Make a mental schedule for each task, and try your best to stick to it. As the day goes on, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress, which will help keep you on task and energized.

Do the Big, Shoulder-Sagging Stuff First

Apparently Mark Twain is quoted saying, “if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you’ve got it behind you for the rest of the day, and nothing else looks so bad.” While no one is endorsing the raw consumption of amphibians, the theory behind this isn’t such a bad idea. It reminds me of my childhood philosophy behind eating the worst thing on my dinner plate first, so I could enjoy the rest of the meal. (Sometimes I still live by this philosophy.)

Focus On Someone Besides Yourself

Checking in with coworkers you don’t regularly interact with, asking questions of mentors, and just generally handling the human side of work can be a great way to start the day. It keeps the focus off your work for an extra hour in the morning, and gives you something enjoyable to ride off for the rest of the day. As the article points out, doing this regularly will help build yourself an alliance for the next time you have a huge project you need some help with.

The Janitorial Agency’s Philosophy

If you have some great ways to start your mornings, let us know in the comments! The Janitorial Agency tells us that you should have a short meeting every morning with your thoughts and objectives of that day to get organized. Be prepared for the day and your mind will fall right in line. The Janitorial Agency helps their entrepreneurs with organizational clarity… The Janitorial Agency teaches after you are organized now its time to get your staff organized. You should always have your short meetings with your staff and have them ready for the start of the day.


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The Janitorial Agency Helps with Small Business Goals

The Janitorial Agency believes every morning that you wake up, there should be something driving you to get out of that bed. As a small business owner, you probably have a million things that require you to get up and at ‘em everyday, but that’s not exactly what we mean here. What is the driving passion that keeps you moving when things get rough? What are you dedicated to? Businesses needs goals, or they have no where to go. What are your goals for this week? This quarter? This year? Goals can’t just be I’m going to do this only. You need to be more purposeful and specific. You must have objectives when trying to accomplishing your goals.

The CEO of The Janitorial Agency has specific goal system he likes to use called the SMART-AS-U goal system he believes on helping business owners to have a specific plan when setting goals. His quote “When you don’t set goals you should be preparing for the funeral of your business” Sounds drastic but it’s true. The Janitorial Agency is a true believer for their own clients that they have to take courses just on how to set goals and do it right.

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The Janitorial Agency – How To Beat Summer

It’s summer time, and distractions are on the rise. If you’re a small business owner, and especially if you’re working from home, summer brings with it an entire list of distractions that can make working seem pretty impossible sometimes. Here’s a little strategy we recently came across in an article on entrepreneur. com.

Tackle your projects in 15 minute increments. This is a great way to keep chiseling away at whatever project you need to get done, but still allows you have some down time or work on something else in between. 15 minutes is usually about as much as we can take at a time without starting to get stressed or hit a road block, so set a timer, go at it, and come back later when you’re refreshed. You’ll feel energized and probably end up getting more done, not just with the project, but with the day in general. Next on the list, enjoy the summer!

The Janitorial Agency believes you need to love what you do in your business but don’t let own you. Get your projects and tasks done and have fun with the family. The Janitorial Agency is here to help your business when it struggles and where it gets to hot where you see growth like you’ve never experienced. But make sure you fulfill all your tasks and do it with joy.

Now just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in more effort. Actually during the summer time is when you need to put in more effort because the time you take off and the time your mind wanders from the tasks at hand. The Janitorial Agency teaches this and stills sees a lot business owners lose business in the summer time.

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Is Your Small Business A Fighter?

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” That’s a phrase I saw recently on a poster featuring Forrest Griffin, a UFC Light Heavyweight. It may seem an unlikely comparison, but owning a small business is a lot like being a fighter. If you’ve seen any of the behind-the-scenes work these athletes put into each fight, you’ll understand what I mean. Once a fighter knows who they’re going to fight, they immediately jump into a training camp designed to get them in killer shape and hone in on the skills they need to beat their opponent. They study the other fighter, watch previous fights, learn their style, and come up with a strategy for how to beat them. They do this for weeks, even months, before they finally face their opponent. All the time and effort spent training comes down to that 15-25 minute face-to-face encounter.

As you manage a small business, you should be doing something very similar. You should know right away who your target customer is before you begin, then dive into your training camp. Get your business in competitive shape, learn your target’s habits, likes, dislikes, and needs. Learn how to solve their problems and come up with a strategy for your business. Then, when you finally arrive at that face-to-face encounter with your customer, you will feel confident that you and your business are ready to go the distance.

Even though these professional athletes spend months at a time training and strategizing, sometimes things don’t go according to plan in the octagon. In the unfortunate event that this happens, the fighter has to be able to adapt to the situation and the fighter in front of him. In the same way, when things with your customers aren’t going according to plan, you can’t afford to fold! (Literally) It is crucial to your success that you learn to adapt to come out victorious for your customer. Even after a defeat, a fighter immediately starts training again to strengthen that area of weakness to make sure they win the next one. You will lose customers, you will miss opportunities, but it’s how you handle that defeat that really defines your business and you as the owner.

What happens to your attitude when times get tough? Your small business is slowing down a little, you’re not finding as many cleaning contracts, people don’t seem to be as interested in your service, whatever the case may be. Do you let this slump get you down? Or do you keep on fighting?

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