What Makes A Great Leader? – The Real Deal – By The Janitorial Agency

Authenticity is an invaluable trait in a leader. If you can’t be authentic and real with those following you…..well let’s be honest, you probably shouldn’t be leading anyone. Authenticity comes from having passion, having a vision, and being charismatic about those things. Don’t be fooled however, it takes quite a bit of work and discipline to remain authentic in the face of adversity. The CEO of The Janitorial Agency always teaches that entrepreneurs that are afraid to be real and not worry about people say about them after telling about his faults or failures, never had what it takes to be successful in the first place. Insecurity is a killer for true leadership be proud of who you are and don’t ever hid the failures for they will always come out to the light. Most business owners don’t speak the truth. The Janitorial Agency fires and hires based on three elements hunger zeal and humility. If you’re not willing to tell the truth and be humble lies will get you fired.

If your company makes a mistake and you have to take the fall for it, are you going to stay real and admit you were wrong? Or will you try to cover it up and point the blame somewhere else? Being authentic is a hard thing to accomplish, but those who are trusting you enough to follow you and put their careers in the hands of your vision deserve some transparency. The Janitorial Agency believes if you are not real than you never existed in the first place.

Don’t be a pretender. Contact The Janitorial Agency if you want to know what a REAL leader looks like contact us at: 517-323-1822


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